Triadic Philosophy -Ethics and Destiny A Brief Meditation

Ethics in Triadic Philosophy is the Second 
in the foundation triad
Reality Ethics Aesthetics
It is always a brake
a thus-far-and-(maybe)-no-farther
a summons to wrestle with the reality of the moment
Destiny is a First
It is an aspect of Being 
of Ontological Reality
It is what signifies a particular life
within the vast complex of all lives
It has authority because it is real
It needs and wants and deserves to be realized
But in Triadic Philosophy
Destiny and Ethics wrestle
The result is a resolution within the
third realm which is Aesthetics
our hypothetical experimental
effort to realize our lives in a way
that resonates aesthetically


Ethics poses to Destiny
four ontological values 
which enable us to mould our
or plan of action
to  permit an aesthetic response
something we can see with
pleasure and acceptance


Let us say one's destiny is to be a rebel
The four values are tolerance
democracy helpfulness
and non-idolatry
They summon us to strain our rebellion
through a colander of values that make
for progress
Progress is always self-realizing
and world-realizing
When done
one hopes that one's actions will
have something closer to beauty
than ugliness
closer to grace and joy
than what disgraces
and leeches joy from the world

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