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If meta is what we don't need to see

If meta is what we don't need to see then scholars should write sparingly sparing us extraneous referencepresenting text with new thought that makes sense 
After reading reams of stuff that gets nowhere save to the writer's metadata which I define above 
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The small world I lived in before I realized it was kaput

It is hard to describe the lay of the land of the churches during the sixties. While I knew about Pentecostal, fundamentalist and conservative evangelical churches, they were not part of the world I occupied. It would be after my world crumbled that I would realize with chagrin  that most of the worlds we create are illusory. Once one leaves a particular its partiality becomes palpable. I had erred and strayed from a sense of universality and banked on a world that itself was in the process of crumbling.  So it can be said that when I sought to popularize The Grass Roots Church and its structural proposals for local ecumenical action, I was only reaching, to be fully and searingly honest, the narrow territory occupied by the mainline, denominational American Protestant church. And if truth be further told. I was influencing or inspiring only a handful from place to place who saw, as I did, that the house of cards was crumbling. I did not see that the denominations would not budge from…

Instead of building a house in 20 hours move beyond houses

3D printer can build a house in 20 hours - YouTube build a house in 20 hourswhen you could build a whole communityby using the above technologyto build a cyber-matrixthat would hold as many spacesas you wishThis matrix could be the skeletonfor mass produced surfacescreated remotely by factories thatnow make cars
Thinking in terms of houses is the wrong approachIt sets the mind on what produces sprawlIt does not see the need to move beyond the carIt does not move far enough beyond greenIt does not create sustainability
It is lovely that we can say we built that and meanthat NASA stumbled on enlarging CADLovely to build a house in 20 hoursBut it would be more lovelyto dream of an actual move forward thatwould get the job done
This is like Google's driverless carIt is an oxymoron in the makingStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store