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The Lost Renewal Movement of the 1960s Calling the Roll

The following is a no doubt incomplete list of folk who were active in the 1960s and who might be deemed to have been among the seminal folk in what we could call a renewal movement within US mainline Protestantism. By focusing on the folk below I can try to give a general sense of the different vantage points that existed at the time.
Gibson Winter Don Benedict Bob Spike Jim Morton Peggy Way Letty Russell North Side Cooperative Ministry Chicago George Ralph
Gibson Winter was among the authors whose writings helped move things along. There were several others including Harvey Cox, Pierre Berton, Peggy Way and Lyle Schaller.
Benedict, Spike and Morton were all leaders within key institutions that were located mainly in New York and Chicago. Don was the prime mover, I continue to feel. Jim Morton ran the Urban Training Center in Chicago, Don's brainchild. Bob Spike was an enabling leader who moved in the area of racial justice and had a major role in launching church participation in Mississi…

Triadic Philosophy Commentary - Memory Ethics Forgiveness

In Triadic Philosophy whatever rises up is a sign or wordand often it is a memoryif only fleetingThat memory is real it's in the nowand if we choose we wrestle with itembrace itallow it to become real to usWhen we are mired in the pastmemories can be overwhelmingThe stage at which we wrestle with memoryI call EthicalWhat that means is that we subject our thoughts to teststo blunt questioningto the process of being disturbed or troubledSo for example a memory seems to festerand in our thinking we seek to come to termsThere might be grief or regret or anger
Now let me introduce an element of this philosophyI hold that forgiveness is the most iconoclastic of actionsIt has even been a capital offenseForgiveness can only achieved by the forgiverIt is only achieved when the forgiverat the same moment seeks to be forgivenForgive us for the wrongs we've doneas we forgive those who do wrongForgiveness clears the deckForgiveness lets the past rest in peace
Because we are fallible sorts …