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1969 - Jonathan's Wake, Yippie, Reparations and Ecclesiastical Lassitude

With the smell of tear gas still in my nostrils, I moved with my family from Chicago to Stockbridge, MA, in September,1968. Within a year, I was more embroiled in activism than since the early days of the 1960s 
I was looking for a dramatic ecumenical initiative. As part of the Presbyterian delegation to COCU (The Consultation on Church Union), my ideas were present in in the proposals that were being considered.  Still,  there were indications that the white mainline church was gearing up for retreat from struggle. Renewal Magazine had prodded churches to examine their financial  commitments and endowment strategies. There were few takers.
At a Consultation meeting in Atlanta in 1969, I proposed that we give reparations to support Black community development. I learned on the heels of this of the fissure developing on the liberal side. This proposal coming from my lips was less than welcome among newly minted Black Power advocates. I have never been a fan of what I consider to be large…

Triadic Philosophy Commentary - Truth Is Reality

Triadic Philosophy asserts that everything we can know is both explained by and located within Realityand that we know by thinking in threesand that the fundamental triad isReality Ethics and Aesthetics
Truth is RealityThe problem is that Reality is not merelywhat we can measure and know and identify as factor as something approaching a complete and received thoughtReality is also whatever it may bebeyond our capacity to comprehend it yetIf we are to speak of first thingswe must see that truth itself isat once identifiableand beyond immediate comprehensionIf one asks on what basis one designates Realitytrue or factualone can add up three strong inferencesand suggest they amount to a reasonable deductionThe inferences are that we individually are a universethat there is a material universe that we know by our encounter with itand that there is a beyond which encompasses what we do not or cannot know
So truth may be identified by agreement as to factwhich means that truth involves assen…