Acting in Triadic Philosophy is always the result of perceiving a sign, word or idea

Strange Ocean

Acting in Triadic Philosophy is always  the result 
of perceiving a sign, word or idea, 
then passing it through the skein of the Ethical 
and  finally willing that our resulting acts 
tend toward truth and beauty.  
Though we claim reality for ourselves 
and even for our actions, 
the specificity of any act means that 
it has no ontological (general) status in itself. 
We become more real  (with a small r) 
the more our actions are redolent of Reality.
 It is an interesting journey. 
Signs, words and ideas begin in the realm of Reality. 
Their passage through Ethics and  Aesthetics 
gives them a particularity. 
All acts are particular. 
Still the closer our actions are to the ideal 
the more we can  guess that eternity is 
intersecting with chronological time.

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