Curiosity-based smaller-scale educational opportunities facilitated by a car-free environment

Education is unjust in today's society 
and the solution lies in creating car free communities
We need communities where children can walk free
This requires a complete rebuilding
Since we do not have that yet 
the outline of what it would look like 
will have to suffice
and the plan will have to be developed piecemeal
based on local conditions and desires

The injustice of education is the result of stratification
and discrimination in the use of resources
But the real problem of education is not just this injustice
Education suffers from the defeat of choice and curiosity
among all who would learn
Education suffers from a one size fits all approach 
when the truth is we all learn differently
Education suffers from the creation of classes
where individual attention is  scarce of nonexistent  
Education results from the gratification of curiosity
Education occurs when curiosity meets resources 
A walkable community would have multiple educational 
Education would be everywhere - a permanent fair 
whose booths or kiosks
attract on the basis of interest 
Teachers would be guides with the
world at their fingertips
and the capacity to field questions 
and mentor the interested

Even such elementary things as learning to read and write
and do elementary mathematics
would benefit 
Imagine a car free community of at least 10,000 persons 
where students number a third of the population 
Students could walk to the Math Kiosk
and find the best instruction in the world
on a large screen a whole group could see
Iterations of learning centers for all ages
and all interests would turn education from its present
stratified one-size car-dependent retro state
to a vital community-based
based on the presence of all concerned 
living and working and re-creating
in one community

Curiosity should lead education
Achievement should be determined 
by meeting benchmarks gradually
Success should be a satisfactory exchange
between teacher and curious child

In a car-free urban environment
security would be ensured by
the rules of the community 
which could mandate that residents
not own guns
and that bullying require
immediate remedial intervention
Such seemingly draconian steps
represent the trade off between the violence prone  society
we now have
and a car free cyber-society whose 
economy supports radical shifts such as one from 
today's stratified factory schools 
to the voluntary curiosity-based smaller-scale
educational opportunities facilitated by a car-free environment

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