Doing Triadic Philosophy

The aim of Triadic Philosophy is to do it
This means being aware that all signs words and thoughts
rise from Reality
the vast realm which we can never fully know or understand
Only when we are considering what rises 
are we engaged in the Triadic process
The first stop for the idea sign or word
is Ethics where
Tolerance Helpfulness Democracy
and Non-idolatry
register their power
The Aesthetic is the realm where the premium
is on achieving truth and beauty
aka grace
aka what Neitzsche named amor fati
or loving your life
It is where whatever you were considering
and submitting to the challenge of the ethical
becomes a conception on which you act
The act is always an experiment
and out of the experience you either are creating a habit
or signaling a need for further thought

Quite literally almost all the key words
in Triadic Philosophy
are useful as silent mantras
as we move from a notion
to setting it in an ethical context
to settling on an action or hypothesis or experiment
which we mean to be positive
to advance things 
to make for mindful existence

Triadic Philosophy can, I believe,
be defended as an evolution of philosophy
and more specifically as a salient emendation
of what Charles Sanders Peirce aimed at in pragmaticism

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