The One and The Many and Heteronomy

The one and the many has to do 
with patterns common to all. 
Heteronomy implies a something beyond one 
that has influence or control. 
The concern of the one and the many is with patterns 
related to how the cosmos or universe works. 
The first is broader and more supposition than the second. 
One could infer influences on an artist 
but it would be more of a guess to say 
that one is essentially creative 
because the universe is made up of nano elements 
that possess freedom. 
Or that we are as we are because A = B  
or does not. 
Or because entropy is real or not.  

The artist is never entirely autonomous 
because there are always 
known and unknown patterns 
that might well be universal 
as well as particular influences. 

We are never entirely autonomous 
or individual 

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