Think of Making Business Come to You

My headline is speculative but suggestive
It suggests we - workers - creators - skilled ones - etc.
could turn the tables on the entire control
KochWorld now exerts over everyone
Simply insist we work where we live
The employer must locate 
a portion of business where we are
or we work remotely from home 
or a nearby workplace away from our private space
More and more of us
will prefer an urban car-free environment 
(where vehicles are limited to the periphery)
with everything is within walking or jogging distance
It will become cheaper and vastly more integral
to work remotely 
It beats living in a sprawl-burb
having cars for every member of the family
and commuting your life away
If you want to think of a new economy
where workers actually have some leverage
think of creating a union of all workers
who insist on working remotely
Think of making business come to you

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