Triadic Commentary - Aesthetics is vastly more than an artistic quality

Among the revolutionary aspects of Triadic Philosophy
the most important may be the elevation of aesthetics 
to its rightful place in the triad 
which is the root of how we think and therefore 
of how we live and move and have our being. 

In Triadic Philosophy the root triad is
Reality Ethics Aesthetics
Aesthetics is the plane of activation
Of iteration
Of emergence from the struggle betwen 
Etthics and Reality
In Triadic Philosophy 
anything can be any one of the three
in a triad
Triadic Philosophy
always sees whatever is first
as reality
It always sees the Second as the challenge to this first
Aesthetics the Third takes the result of this linkage
and translates it into a hypothetical action
a stab at doing something
an experiment
Its criteria are that truth and beauty be found
in the action
When these are lacking life is diminished
The cosmos is set back
We lose some of what we have gained

If this seems fanciful bear with me
Every word of Triadic Philosophy
has a place and a justification which 
validates it as an aspect of being
as ontological 
 as Reality
If today aesthetics is seen merely as artistic quality
that is a reduction that will not stand.
Philosophy has not done much better
relegating aesthetics to vastly less than 
Keats' equation of beauty and truth.
Triadic Philosophy follows Keats

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