Triadic Philosophy Commentary - How to deal with a pesky sign like sex crime suspect

We take any sign
Say sex crime suspect
as the first 
the Reality 

We let that sign encounter
the second
the Ethical
The ontological values of 
tolerance democracy helpfulness
and the root value non-idolatry
Non-idolatry confesses ignoramce
We recognize the role of ignorance
in dealing with this sign
Facts causes possibilities remedies  
We acknowledge all we don't 
or cannot know
and shy away from claims
to know what we do not   

We try to frame an 
Aesthetic response that reflects
truth and beauty
in the belief that 
as truth and beauty fuse
reality is enhanced
We combine 
the values of Triadic Philosophy
into the best possible response
If the response fails we try again
until we find a way
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