Triadic Philosophy What I Believe

Following a conversation in which I was called obscure
I offer the following as a concise statement 
of what I believe 

I believe that Triadic Philosophy is an apt name for 
a system of understanding which is
as true as possible  

Triadic Philosophy has a root three or triad
that is a frame for all thinking

It is Reality Ethics and Aesthetics

Reality is the realm from which all things rise
and anything that rises can become a thought or word or sign

Ethics is the realm that Reality encounters abruptly
In particular Ethics challenges all products of Reality
and parses them in terms of
four ontological values
Tolerance Democracy Helpfulness
and Non-Idolatry

Aesthetics is the realm of actualization
the result of the encounter between Reality and Ethics
You form an aesthetic plan or hypothesis aimed at
bringing a thought word or sign
to hypothetical reality
If the Reality sign is your finances
and the Ethics suggests changing a priority
the Aesthetic is an action that will 
have within it both truth and beauty

The values of Ethics are drawn 
from the Reality of Jesus
manifested in the Gospel of Mark
Tolerance Democracy Helpfulness and
Non-idolatry represent
a huge advance on all prior
ethical systems
and their use in Triadic Philosophy could be
a massive and universal pedagogical breakthrough

Anything can become a triad
Triadic thinking trumps dualism and binary thinking
Ethics belongs at the center of philosophy
Aesthetics belongs at the center of building a human reality
Religion is on the way out
Universal spirituality based on some iteration
of these beliefs is on the way in

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