Triadic Philosophy Commentary - The binary is the world's worst addiction.

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The binary is the world's worst addiction. 
Binary is either-or conflict.
Watch any war movie to see its hellish effects.
The only cure is to think in threes whenever 
the only reality would otherwise be either-or.
If someone relishes conflict
let it be the conflict with the world created by 
the growth of triadic thinking.
Consider how addictive war is,
how addictive confict,
how addictive the harmful exercise of power.
Even a Htler could not have ruled a nation that
simply stayed home in the face
of his binary doctrines.
Triadic does not act
save to refuse to act
when there is no third possibility.
Triadic Philosophy considers tolerance and helpfulness
democracy and  non-idolatry
in connection with every action.

Why do so many veterans of our recent
binary wars end their lives?
Need one ask?
Mindlessness is binary.
Mindfulness is triadic,
refusing to act unless an action 
does more than add to the karmic
guarantee of conflict and collapse.
Truth and beauty lie always with 
the third option. 

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