Triadic Philosophy Commentary - Peirce's Triads and My Point of View


 I see Peirce's triads as prior to the achievement
of a universal philosophy. That is one reason I do not presume to speak "for" anyone but myself while confessing great indebtedness. I see little hope for philosophy unless it gets from Reality to our active reality. And if along the way it has essentially relegated ethics and aesthetics to the stratosphere, while arriving at a notion that the end point is metaphysics, then I also object. I am coming to think of CSP's phenomenology as a sort of meta that would be essential to a coterie of the informed perhaps, but is useless without coming down somewhere for every person. Maybe I will end up Piercifying James! Or going beyond.  We live in a binary world and culture due to our dominant, inherited philosophies and I feel making it triadic is the key to moving beyond lethal conflict.  That is motivation enough and time is is for individuals finite.

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