Triadic Philosophy is nonviolent by default


Triadic Philosophy is nonviolent by default
This century is envisioned as a time of nonviolent revolution
This nonviolence requires no demonstration or central organization.
It's synonym is noncooperation.
It is the mass expression of unwillingness
to participate in the denial of human rights.
It is trans-national, universal.
It is Oblomov saying, I would prefer not to.
It is shutting down in any way that seems appropriate.
A nurse might go to work but he would signify his stance of
An accountant might tell her clients that she will
work at home.
Nonviolence will in this guise become the
mass mode of expressing the people's will.
Passive occupation of one's private space 
will be its mark.
Refusal to engage in the operation of society 
beyond what seems appropriate and necessary.
There might be an identifying mark such as a
color or a phrase
like Slowing down or On vacation.
The objective is mystification,  achieving the scenario
of global media seeking to learn from 
corrupt, rights-denying authorities,
What's up?
It is this incessant question that will
make the engines of communication deduce 
that the denial of rights is what's up
and that it is no longer acceptable.

I see this developing in China
and in the United States
and eventually everywhere.
It is a nonviolence
that is natural, unforced and efficacious.

It is the product of
Triadic Philosophy
whose sign is
infinite patience
and living by
ontological values
that are aesthetic in their effects.

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