Triadic Philosophy says religion will morph into spirituality over time.

In Genius, Harold Bloom says wrongly that
the dawning age 
will be one of theocracies. 
Triadic Philosophy says religion will morph 
into spirituality over time.
The suppositions that
power religious division are
false by simple logic.
The creedal basis of Christianity is 
essentially idolatrous in its exclusionary focus.
It supports institutional 
and priestly arrangements 
that reduce rather than enhance 
prospects for human fulfillment 
and ethical progress.
In reality, we are seeing a
growth of tolerance
and a decline in religious allegiance.
Web-assisted, if you will.
The world,
 as Bonhoeffer understood,
is coming of age. 
The way ahead is secular, 
but not devoid of spirituality.
Theocracies will go 
the way of dictatorships.
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