We can access our own unconscious at no cost. Here’s how.


We can access our own unconscious at no cost. Here’s how. The first step to self-understanding is the question you wish to address. You can discover your deepest thoughts with eight words:  Me, Nature, Society, Shells, Networks, Pleasure, Financial, Manifestation. To address your question, list in your mind or on paper possible answers and options. A question, eight words, and possible answers is all you need to learn what you actually want. With your question in mind, score one to ten how each answer affects you in terms of yourself, nature, society, shells (the space you are in) , networks, financial and manifestation. The options you actually favor are those with highest scores. What you actually desire generally surfaces. Each word has equal weight, with zero meaning no positive impact and 10 meaning very positive impact.  The process often reveals something of which you were previously unconscious. This process is autonomous and free. It can work for anyone on any issue. With practice, it does not require writing things down. Over time, it can become a simple arrow in the quiver of things  you use to deal with existence.


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