What is Time and What Is Space?

Triadic Philosophy understands time and space as 
elements of Reality and thus as generals, 
as universals.
Time is understood to be chronological,
however we unfold it.
It goes forward.
It can be accurately described within the limits
of the means we have to be aware of it.
There may seem to be types of time,
 such as "eternity" or "kairos" 
but these simply indicate that
we are aware of qualities 
within chronological time.
But these qualities do not alter
time's continuity.
Universes themselves,
insofar as we understand them,
are chronological.

Triadic Philosophy sees space as 
a characteristic of Reality.
The common characteristic of space is that
it appears to be empty
but this is not so.
Space is known by the objects that occupy it.
Space is always changing.
Space is anything that not presently an object.
Objects occupy space.
Space and time are a continuum
within Reality.
Space changes.
Time does not.

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