Triad Analysis - Pique - Ease - Graceful

As I continue to gather the work of 40 years 
into Triadic Philosophy,
I am using  triads (threes) as a means of thinking
to the point that it is habitual.
Today my triad is
Pique Ease Graceful
Pique - the reality of something getting at me
hard to identify
My Reality
Reality meets Ethics the second
I test my current relationship with
tolerance, democracy, helpfulness
and non-idolatry.
I recall my mission and commitment.
I call this second Ease
because paradoxically this is a form of ease,
though a blunt truth as well.
Now moving to the third,
I think of means of
dispelling the pique,
making it into something
true and beautiful 
and harmonious with the values
always in the background.
One way may be to loft these words abroad
in hopes they resonate.
Another way is surely to transmute vexation
into something fiercely loving,
beautifully affectionate.
I will ponder that.
And finally I'll note  
the pique's already 
on the move,
no longer my reality.
And here's a payoff.
Triadic Philosophy is consciousness 
owned and operated by us -


I've added
100 more aphoristic statements
to Triadic Philosophy.
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There is enough 
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