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Triadic Tales - Pearl - Short Story (Part One)

Triadic Tales - Pearl - Short Story (Part One)

Pearl was born in Tea, South Dakota,  in 1992 and by 1996 had a growing desire to leave. 

Pearl's mother Ann and Father George were recondite Methodists. They followed their Pastor, Solomon Jones. His taste ran in the direction of a namesake in Florida. Suffice to say there was nothing on the Right Wing circuit that did not get "positive treatment". 

Hatred of the President, allegiance to guns, discipline and the Founders, never named, made up the core of the good Reverend's preaching.

Pearl's rejection of  home and state was both definite and unemotional. As an only child a mile from anyone but her parents in the flatness of that land, she kept to herself. 

George was gone a lot repairimg power lines. Ann busied herself with romance novels which she read and then reread in exact order. While reading, she ate pop tarts. By the year 2000, Ann attained a bulk that, TV would come to say, would multiply into losses of many billions in productivity and health costs. 

Pearl did her school work and watched TV. She bided her time. She watched everything about New York. Mad Men  was big.  There was a plethora of sharp women on that show. Pearl practiced their moves. She was a good imitator. The men on the show did not appeal to her, including the head man Don Draper. She found his hair too shiny. She venerated the girl who came from nothing and surmounted various obstacles to get ahead.

Pearl's parents did not burden her with right wing bile.  Nor was she abused. Nor did she run with bad kids. Kids in school seemed just as as spectral to her as George and Ann were.

Perfunctory seemed mutual all around.

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