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Triadic Philosophy What I Believe

Following a conversation in which I was called obscureI offer the following as a concise statement of what I believe 
I believe that Triadic Philosophy is an apt name for a system of understanding which isas true as possible  
Triadic Philosophy has a root three or triadthat is a frame for all thinking
It is Reality Ethics and Aesthetics
Reality is the realm from which all things riseand anything that rises can become a thought or word or sign
Ethics is the realm that Reality encounters abruptlyIn particular Ethics challenges all products of Realityand parses them in terms offour ontological valuesTolerance Democracy Helpfulnessand Non-Idolatry
Aesthetics is the realm of actualizationthe result of the encounter between Reality and EthicsYou form an aesthetic plan or hypothesis aimed atbringing a thought word or signto hypothetical realityIf the Reality sign is your financesand the Ethics suggests changing a prioritythe Aesthetic is an action that will have within it both truth and beauty

Two Strands of Progressive Effort Now Dispersed into The Ether

There were two small strands of renewalist effort nipping at the structures of American Protestantism in the 1960s and 1970s. One could be described as the Renewal Grass Roots Church effort and the other as the Sojourners effort. The difference between the two had to do with ethos. One rose up within the structures of the mainline denominations and of what was then the American Protestant establishment. Folk gravitating to this mode might be at home in any of the offices in the then-bustling Interchurch Center in New York City. The Sojourners strand takes its name from the magazine Sojourners and owes its ethos to the more amorphous but soon to become influential evangelical wing of American Protestantism. There was within the Sojourners constituency a certain element of pacifist sentiment and Roman Catholic linkage. There was a substantial desire to wrest from conservative and fundamentalist Christianity an initiative more faithful to the radical Jesus of the New Testament than the g…