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Triadic Commentary - Aesthetics is vastly more than an artistic quality

Among the revolutionary aspects of Triadic Philosophythe most important may be the elevation of aesthetics to its rightful place in the triad which is the root of how we think and therefore of how we live and move and have our being. 
In Triadic Philosophy the root triad isReality Ethics AestheticsAesthetics is the plane of activationOf iterationOf emergence from the struggle betwen Etthics and RealityIn Triadic Philosophy anything can be any one of the threein a triadTriadic Philosophyalways sees whatever is firstas realityIt always sees the Second as the challenge to this firstAesthetics the Third takes the result of this linkageand translates it into a hypothetical actiona stab at doing somethingan experimentIts criteria are that truth and beauty be foundin the actionWhen these are lacking life is diminishedThe cosmos is set backWe lose some of what we have gained
If this seems fanciful bear with meEvery word of Triadic Philosophyhas a place and a justification which validates it as …

What Has Actually Become of Saul Allinsky?

When I wrote a 1965 article on Saul Alinsky for Christianity and Crisis magazine - later anthologized in the book Witness to A Generation -  Alinsky had seven years to live.  By 1972 when he died at age 63, he was the dean of community organizers in the United States. He had largely overcome the objections of his critics. save for the most obdurate on the hard right. 
Researching prior to the Obama run in 2008, I found two others had taken in-depth looks at Alinsky - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Alinsky was clearly a major stop on the learning tour these two took before they decided that electoral politics is the best way to actually get things done in America.
And that's the story in a nutshell almost fifty years from the time I entered Alinsky's modest Michigan Avenue  office  and began an investigation of several months duration. The verdict then, which has not been contradicted, is that Saul Alinsky was a crack organizer whose basic values were tolerance, democracy and …