Triadic Philosophy - The Testosterone Problem

Triadic Philosophy
may strike some as light on male values
I accept that 
There is a simple way 
to move beyond a binary we-they approach
Triadic Philosophy itself

Triadic Philosophy confesses our universal ignorance
Triadic Philosophy sees that our grasp of reality is limited
Triadic Philosophy acknowledges that
 we may never know all that is true
Triadic Philosophy rests on 
chronology continuity and pragmaticism
What we believe 
is limited and highly tentative
We "know" at our peril

Triadic Philosophy
infers from Reality
a common sense response
to this universal ignorance
Triadic Philosophy infers that there are values
found in Reality that are proved by 
their resilience in human experience
their capacity is to drive history 
toward progress
These values are non-idolatry  
(our admission of ignorance)
and these active values 
tolerance democracy and helpfulness
These replace inherited binary ethics
ethics that have looked away in the face of 
patriarchy violence abuse and greed

The action portion of
Triadic Philosophy
I call Aesthetic
Aesthetics belongs at the center of life
It is more than a quality by which we judge "art"
Aesthetics is the fusion of beauty and truth 
 Keats propounded it in his Ode To A Grecian Urn
Beauty is truth, truth beauty
This is an intensely pragmaticist utterance
Herein lies Triadic Philosophy's
Testosterone Problem

We are engaged this century in 
move beyond onerous patriarchal dominance
which throws culture and society askew
Our world does little to counter
inequality and intolerance
Helpfulness remains for many 
an afterthought that charity will solve
leaving a world of manifest injustices
Only a universal move of individuals to the 
values of Triadic Philosophy
will create a universal sea change
Triadic Philosophy's
Testosterone Problem
is precisely about moving past 
these retro characteristics of male culture 
Men are in flux today
Triadic Philosophy 
is the future of us all 

The revolution of this century is 
timplicit in the enactment of 
the values of Triadic Philosophy
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Triadic Philosophy Commentary - How to deal with a pesky sign like sex crime suspect

We take any sign
Say sex crime suspect
as the first 
the Reality 

We let that sign encounter
the second
the Ethical
The ontological values of 
tolerance democracy helpfulness
and the root value non-idolatry
Non-idolatry confesses ignoramce
We recognize the role of ignorance
in dealing with this sign
Facts causes possibilities remedies  
We acknowledge all we don't 
or cannot know
and shy away from claims
to know what we do not   

We try to frame an 
Aesthetic response that reflects
truth and beauty
in the belief that 
as truth and beauty fuse
reality is enhanced
We combine 
the values of Triadic Philosophy
into the best possible response
If the response fails we try again
until we find a way
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