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Triadic Philosophy - The Testosterone Problem

Triadic Philosophymay strike some as light on male valuesI accept that There is a simple way to move beyond a binary we-they approachTriadic Philosophy itself
Triadic Philosophy confesses our universal ignoranceTriadic Philosophy sees that our grasp of reality is limitedTriadic Philosophy acknowledges thatwe may never know all that is trueTriadic Philosophy rests on chronology continuity and pragmaticismWhat we believe is limited and highly tentativeWe "know" at our peril
Triadic Philosophyinfers from Realitya common sense responseto this universal ignoranceTriadic Philosophy infers that there are valuesfound in Reality that are proved by their resilience in human experiencetheir capacity is to drive history toward progressThese values are non-idolatry  (our admission of ignorance)and these active values tolerance democracy and helpfulnessThese replace inherited binary ethicsethics that have looked away in the face of patriarchy violence abuse and greed
The action portion ofTri…

Triadic Philosophy Commentary - How to deal with a pesky sign like sex crime suspect

We take any signSay sex crime suspectas the first the Reality 
We let that sign encounterthe secondthe EthicalThe ontological values of tolerance democracy helpfulnessand the root value non-idolatryNon-idolatry confesses ignoramceWe recognize the role of ignorancein dealing with this signFacts causes possibilities remedies  We acknowledge all we don't or cannot knowand shy away from claimsto know what we do not   
We try to frame an Aesthetic response that reflectstruth and beautyin the belief that as truth and beauty fusereality is enhancedWe combine the values of Triadic Philosophyinto the best possible responseIf the response fails we try againuntil we find a wayStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store