The ontological place of Will in Triadic Philosophy

Will is central to Triadic Philosophy
This is hardly an original notion
Great thinkers have always recognized will
Will is the engine of action
the impulse to create
the very life force
of all humanity
Everything we do is the result 
of our possessing will
Ontology means being 
Within Triadic Philosophy 
Ontology is central
Every key word within the simple powerful structure
of Triadic Philosophy 
is ontological
Every word conveys the way things are
Words like circus rabbits virtue even justice
are not in themselvcs ontological
But 'will' is
With no need for modification 
will stands tall within Reality
Will has a close companion within Reality
Freedom within Triadic Philosophy is
the power to choose among values
It is also the power to refuse
This is why the ultimate evil 
is to consciously kill another
and why all grades of harm are grades of evil
All evil is a frontal attack 
on the  very source of human dignity
All evil is a blow at holiness 
All evil is a denial of the
preciousness of humankind
To foreclose freedom 
and deny the exercise of will
is the substance of the evil that
the Triadic Philosopher
seeks daily deliverance from

The place of will in Triadic Philosophy is in
the realm of Reality 

The aim of Triadic Philosophy is that
all people become conscious actors
engaging in freely willed acts of
helpfulness tolerance
democracy and non-idolatry
These are the
values that are 
- like freedom and will -

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Triadic Philosophy Asks: What Difference Does It Make

There is within philosophy a mass of exposition 
of which one might ask
What difference does it make
With the best will in the world
when one is talking about 
how a thinker thought
or how a thinker might think
the burden of the protagonist
should be to answer that question
A difference is the distance between little or none
or 'it has no general significance'
to 'it makes all the difference in the world'
because 'it has an effect on
this or that
and that is worth all this discussion'
A value is placed on relevance

There are many quite radical
applications of this criterion
But my purpose is not to intruduce
a negative element
but rather to hammer away at the issue
of purpose in discourse
Triadic Philosophy argues that
what difference it makes
bumps up against such things as
and that the answer lies 
in a hypothetical resolution
or experimental action
In other words thought itself ought optimally
to have a result 
one that combines truth and beauty
Thought has a social purpose as does life as well 
What difference does it make is a fair question
regardless of what is under discussion

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Doing Triadic Philosophy

The aim of Triadic Philosophy is to do it
This means being aware that all signs words and thoughts
rise from Reality
the vast realm which we can never fully know or understand
Only when we are considering what rises 
are we engaged in the Triadic process
The first stop for the idea sign or word
is Ethics where
Tolerance Helpfulness Democracy
and Non-idolatry
register their power
The Aesthetic is the realm where the premium
is on achieving truth and beauty
aka grace
aka what Neitzsche named amor fati
or loving your life
It is where whatever you were considering
and submitting to the challenge of the ethical
becomes a conception on which you act
The act is always an experiment
and out of the experience you either are creating a habit
or signaling a need for further thought

Quite literally almost all the key words
in Triadic Philosophy
are useful as silent mantras
as we move from a notion
to setting it in an ethical context
to settling on an action or hypothesis or experiment
which we mean to be positive
to advance things 
to make for mindful existence

Triadic Philosophy can, I believe,
be defended as an evolution of philosophy
and more specifically as a salient emendation
of what Charles Sanders Peirce aimed at in pragmaticism

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