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The ontological place of Will in Triadic Philosophy

Will is central to Triadic PhilosophyThis is hardly an original notionGreat thinkers have always recognized willWill is the engine of actionthe impulse to createthe very life forceof all humanityEverything we do is the result of our possessing willOntology means being Within Triadic Philosophy Ontology is centralEvery key word within the simple powerful structureof Triadic Philosophy is ontologicalEvery word conveys the way things areWords like circus rabbits virtue even justiceare not in themselvcs ontologicalBut 'will' isWith no need for modification will stands tall within RealityWill has a close companion within RealityFreedomFreedom within Triadic Philosophy isthe power to choose among valuesIt is also the power to refuseThis is why the ultimate evil is to consciously kill anotherand why all grades of harm are grades of evilAll evil is a frontal attack on the  very source of human dignityAll evil is a blow at holiness All evil is a denial of thepreciousness of humankindTo…

Triadic Philosophy Asks: What Difference Does It Make

There is within philosophy a mass of exposition of which one might askWhat difference does it makeWith the best will in the worldwhen one is talking about how a thinker thoughtor how a thinker might thinkthe burden of the protagonistshould be to answer that questionA difference is the distance between little or noneor 'it has no general significance'to 'it makes all the difference in the world'because 'it has an effect onthis or thatand that is worth all this discussion'A value is placed on relevance
There are many quite radicalapplications of this criterionBut my purpose is not to intruducea negative elementbut rather to hammer away at the issueof purpose in discourseTriadic Philosophy argues thatwhat difference it makesbumps up against such things astolerancedemocracyhelpfulnessandnon-idolatryand that the answer lies in a hypothetical resolutionor experimental actionIn other words thought itself ought optimallyto have a result one that combines truth and beaut…

Doing Triadic Philosophy

The aim of Triadic Philosophy is to do itThis means being aware that all signs words and thoughtsrise from Realitythe vast realm which we can never fully know or understandOnly when we are considering what rises are we engaged in the Triadic processThe first stop for the idea sign or wordis Ethics whereTolerance Helpfulness Democracyand Non-idolatryregister their powerThe Aesthetic is the realm where the premiumis on achieving truth and beautyaka graceaka what Neitzsche named amor fatior loving your lifeIt is where whatever you were consideringand submitting to the challenge of the ethicalbecomes a conception on which you actThe act is always an experimentand out of the experience you either are creating a habitor signaling a need for further thought
Quite literally almost all the key wordsin Triadic Philosophyare useful as silent mantrasas we move from a notionto setting it in an ethical contextto settling on an action or hypothesis or experimentwhich we mean to be positiveto advance …