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Triadic Philosophy is nonviolent by default

Triadic Philosophy is nonviolent by defaultThis century is envisioned as a time of nonviolent revolutionThis nonviolence requires no demonstration or central organization.It's synonym is noncooperation.It is the mass expression of unwillingnessto participate in the denial of human rights.It is trans-national, universal.It is Oblomov saying, I would prefer not to.It is shutting down in any way that seems appropriate.A nurse might go to work but he would signify his stance ofnon-participation.An accountant might tell her clients that she willwork at home.Nonviolence will in this guise become themass mode of expressing the people's will.Passive occupation of one's private space will be its mark.Refusal to engage in the operation of society beyond what seems appropriate and necessary.There might be an identifying mark such as acolor or a phraselike Slowing down or On vacation..The objective is mystification,  achieving the scenarioof global media seeking to learn…

Words and trust companions? Not always.

Be Trustworthy
Words and trust companions? Not always.They must support each other in this time.Words pack more power even than lethal force.Trustworthy words were never needed more.
Triadic Philosophy invites all to think things outin terms of its universal values tolerance, democracy, helpfulness, non-idolatry.Mystery surrounds us. Our words themselveswarrant few claims and demand consummate care.  Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store