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Triadic Tales - It's Lovely Out There - Part Three Short Story

When Adam was 21 he knew he was a nomad of the universe. He knew that everything was connected and that love, beyond what could easily be known, was available to all who could perceive what he perceived. 
A unity beyond all words.  
A peace beyond all peace.  
A life beyond all life.  
He even knew that any science that violated mystery was whistling in the dark, tossing finite theories back and forth in the room and deeming them eternal axioms. 
The universe was  like his body. Teeming with things that cannot be thought down. Reductionism is the hobgoblin and so forth. 
Adam would later find words to express what he knew. He would give praise and thanks in profusion to the minds that resonated with what he had seen. Of such resonance were life's great moments made.
"Walk out with me," Ellie said.
Adam got up and walked over to the couch and retrieved his pants. "Let's go to the truck stop," he said.

What is Time and What Is Space?

Triadic Philosophy understands time and space as elements of Reality and thus as generals, as universals.Time is understood to be chronological,however we unfold it.It goes forward.It can be accurately described within the limitsof the means we have to be aware of it.There may seem to be types of time, such as "eternity" or "kairos" but these simply indicate thatwe are aware of qualities within chronological time.But these qualities do not altertime's continuity.Universes themselves,insofar as we understand them,are chronological.
Triadic Philosophy sees space as a characteristic of Reality.The common characteristic of space is thatit appears to be emptybut this is not so.Space is known by the objects that occupy it.Space is always changing.Space is anything that not presently an object.Objects occupy space.Space and time are a continuumwithin Reality.Space changes.Time does not.
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