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Triadic Tales - Last Morning - Short Story (Part One)

Last Morning
Bellingham got up early. He never failed to notice the play in the surface below his feet when he got up in the morning. Footsteps now could contribute to the powering of the world. Each step he took on the thin surface - what was once the floor but which was now all sides of all spaces - activated tiny sensors that created energy. Outside on the walkway, the same play existed. The strength of surfaces exceeded that of what used to be called walls. Soundproof. Fireproof. Replaceable. They came from a plant that once made automobiles.
He spoke softly to the wall. The temperature inside and out appeared. They were identical. It was spring. He looked around his room. It was his idea that everyone should have their own room. The idea evolved. The community acknowledged the individual as requiring his or her own space. Beyond such rooms, a residence had few requirements. Common life was springing up all over. What used to be houses were now these spaces,  cobbled together in the…

Semiotics is concerned with the good life because Triadic Philosophy aims at the good life.

Semiotics is concerned with the good life because Triadic Philosophy aims at the good life.This is because goodness is clearly understood in Triadic Philosophyas the conscious avoidance of what is demonstrably harmful.Conscious killing is the greatest evil.The greatest good is the achievement of truth and beautyvia the aesthetic grasp of, and human creation of,a world in which the possibilities of harm are minimized.Triadic Philosophy understands Ethics as the object to whichReality (the referent) refersen route to the interpretantswhich are our more or less aesthetic attempts to form our reality.The ontological values of the Ethical aretolerance, helpfulness, democracyand non-idolatry.
Semiotics is among the tools we have for articulating the process by which signs rising in Realityencounter the blunt truths of the Ethical.This encounter influencesour actions in the performative realm of life as it is actually lived.
Signs can be anything at all.The dominant feature of Triadi…