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Triadic Philosophy says religion will morph into spirituality over time.

BLOOM InGenius, Harold Bloom says wrongly that the dawning age  will be one of theocracies.  Triadic Philosophy says religion will morph  into spirituality over time. The suppositions that power religious division are false by simple logic. The creedal basis of Christianity is  essentially idolatrous in its exclusionary focus. It supports institutional  and priestly arrangements  that reduce rather than enhance  prospects for human fulfillment  and ethical progress. In reality, we are seeing a growth of tolerance and a decline in religious allegiance. Web-assisted, if you will. The world,  as Bonhoeffer understood, is coming of age.  The way ahead is secular,  but not devoid of spirituality. Theocracies will go  the way of dictatorships. Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store 


Triadic Tales - Last Morning, - Short Story (Part Two)

Triadic Tales - Last Morning, - Short Story (Part Two) PART ONE
Public meant free gathering and the cultivation of trust. Bellingham knew his neighbors, but he also knew thousands of the 10,000 who lived and worked and recreated themselves in this, the first completed cyber-community.Twenty paces to his right was a kiosk. Bellingham insisted on this word for all small public spaces in the community because they were where one could find one or two persons whose job was to serve all who came. There were almost 500 kiosks on the four levels of the cyber-community. That meant there were always eyes on the ways. There was always help at hand.  It was an environment where the value of helpfulness, ontological in Bellingham's view, was palpable.
Bellingham gathered up a croissant and a Turkish coffee and greeted the young man with a silent nod. He left his customary tip, a substantial one.
He sat alone at a table in front of the kiosk. One could have a kitchen as part of one's res…