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Some Thoughts on a Worldwide Wave call to action.

This is the century of Nonviolent Global Democratic Revolution. Actions worldwide in April and beyond will substantiate that the spirit of Gandhi, King and Mandela is alive. I shall be bold in asserting, if anyone asks me, the objectives of this effort. They are what I believe must take place to build a future beyond the present.

1. A global Affordable Income for all. 

2. An immediate 50 percent cut in military budgets worldwide.

3. Immediate steps to magnify exposure to human rights abuses.  Training of millions to use social networks to highlight harm and abuse. And to power the Global Democratic Revolution.

4. Promotion of these universal values - Tolerance, Democracy, Helpfulness and Non-idolatry.

5. Public funding universally of all elections to political office.

There many specific goals equal to these. It cannot be said that those of us who are committed to non-violent democratic revolution are without objectives. In the case of 1. above, this idea is not limited to persons on the Left. Credible thinkers on the Right have proposed as much.

M O R E   I N F O R M A T I O N

Below are excerpts from an email of David DeGraw.

Worldwide Wave call to action

Other videos (see some hereherehere & here

The first phase of the Worldwide Wave is set to begin on the anniversary of King’s assassination, April 4th, and run throughJuly 4th

The organizing site has a Post Actions function that allows people to easily share what they are planning to do, along with a map that shows active locations. 

To get the ball rolling, they have featured a few action campaigns that will run throughout the full three-month cycle:

1) Worldwide Wave Launch gatherings will be held on April 4th at Zuccotti Park and former occupation sites throughout the world.

2) On Mondays – Thursdays, they are calling for Move Your Money Bank Rallies. They are asking people to show up at local bank locations and Federal Reserve sites to encourage people to move their money to community banks and handout information on alternative currencies and new economic systems.

3) Every Friday they are planning Money Out Marches to local City Halls calling for a Constitutional Amendment to get money out of politics.

4) On Saturdays, they are calling for “social events in support of solutions.”

5) On Sundays, they are calling for mass meditations and prayer sessions “in support of ushering in a new paradigm.”
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