Triadic Philosophy, Occupy and the Foundations of Hope

This video was made in 2013 when I thought Occupy was going to resume efforts in October of that year. I have long since seen this as the century of global democratic revolution. Watching this video now what is remarkable to me is how constant its premises remain. We are still the world in which justice can take the form of the trial of George Zimmerman and where indignities and injustices daily remind us that the issue is not whether struggle is needed, but what sort of struggle holds promise. I hold ever more strongly to the precepts and aims made crystal clear in this video. Democracy remains the beacon, flanked by tolerance and helpfulness. These are the universal action values. Non-idolatry remains the foundation value to which everyone on earth should cleave. We must and shall move past the binary culture which demeans us all. We must embrace the triadic nature of reality which extends to each person on earth. We must move past the divisions of the past and embrace a way in which division itself is the only enemy and harm the only evil.

Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms
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