An Appeal for Some Entrepreneurial Chutzpah

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre | Projects | Foster + Partners http://buff.ly/PhjTlv 
If you get a blank page look until you find Projects / Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre Astana, Kazakhstan 2006-2010 or Google it.
Now my city will have four times the size of this, the largest structure of all. But it will have only three levels.

And it will be about the area of the original City of London, capable of comfortably accommodating 7-10,000. (A shade over a mile square.)
I await the architects, planners and entrepreneurs who see beyond the profits of serving retrograde notions and reconstitute the virtues of an integral city that can be walked from edge to edge. I live in one. Was born in one. People flock to what I see daily out my window. What we do not see is that that magic can now be replicated, but only by following much of what is laid out here - the iteration of what I used to call the cyber community but now simply call the city or my city. I have seen it in my minds eye since the days in the 1960s when I walked up the hill in Athens to the offices of C. A. Doxiadis to saturate myself in the notions of ekistics. 

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