A little button from my shop to help raise some Kiva money

The Slow as Molasses Press

OK we all
have a business side
Mine is my press above
and my shop below
Do they make a mint
Should they
Damn right
But It has not been at 
the top of my list
Except that more and more
I think that the idea of using my shop
to loft money to Paypal
from whence it can go to Kiva
for no interest loans
to folk worldwide
well that is
a Good Idea
in every way

The button below makes a nice small
gift and they can be bought in 
ten and 100 packs
The art work as on all
my products is original
composed using basic free
All items sold at Art Things
have one other
thing in common
Profits go to support
no interest loans through Kiva

AWHENCE 3.5" Button (10 pack)

Get Triadic

The Slow as Molasses Press