Everyone is an artist. Life is performance.

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The following is an aphorism from Triadic Philosophy
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Slowly but surely this will
prove the thought
that carries 
this century
to a slight but
toward nonviolence
and away from the
hoary binary past


The common use of aesthetics to describe art is too narrow. Everyone is an artist. Life is performance. All acts have aesthetic properties from ugly to sublime. Like everything else, aesthetics is a spectrum. Triadic philosophy is a means of becoming conscious not only of where good lies but how goodness manifests itself. This approach solves problems Mao could not overcome by force. Aesthetics harnesses nonviolence. It moves the world toward the beauties of true community. It evolves morality beyond the worst instances of harm and violence. It is not utopian. It is moral evolution. One by one. It accepts the pace of continuity.

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