Everything is always better.

From  Some Stones Don't Roll (FicMemOne by Stephen C. Rose) eBook: Stephen C. Rose: Kindle Store http://buff.ly/1gBzxT2

Everything is always better. Palmiers broken in two and the new plastic, top always in place, iced-coffee thingy. I will take it with me on my journey. I have a viaticum in waiting. I have Kenneth Burke on my floor ledge. Now there's a siren, fire no doubt. And buildings collapsed and three dead six miles north and east. Now a hammering upstairs. As if we used stairs anymore. Two plastic containers of supplements I do not use anymore. They stand like sentries between me and the dirty window where a record player also obsolete sits next to cassette holders also empty and yes I know a change in view would be just the thing to change everything to make pigeons more visible to make the window cleanable. The dripping has not stopped.

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