Reality with a Capital R

I use Reality with a capital R to signify the all embracing mystery which has never been fully revealed and will not be. I see this Reality down to the quarks and to what may be even less evident and at the same time I make it possible to address this One via a simple device given to us by the much-maligned Jesus of Nazareth. This was the Abba prayer, ironically known to the world more for its connection to a singing group than to the one Jesus would have all pray to. The exceedingly personal and informal reality of this interposition, between the impersonality of Reality and the most intimate connections our mind can conjure up, is precisely what I think Jesus was about. And because forgiveness is another word for continuity, I think it behooves us to do some reevaluation of Jesus as well as God if we are going to move beyond the creedal wreckage of the past. Soren Kierkegaard and Charles Sanders Peirce helped start all this and we will not complete it. But we are at least not far from the right track.

I shall now duck for having spoken so clearly. I should add that the deity as perceived by the authors of Genesis was quite explicit about what reality is. According to the words that emanated when Moses probed the matter, reality is what it is and what it will be. Not very helpful but on the mark and calling for the best human interpretation of the conundrum to which I have alluded.

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