The goal of Triadic Philosophy

The goal of Triadic Philosophy is to propound a universally applicable mode of thinking that leads to "good" expressions and actions.

The premise of Triadic Philosohy is indeed that we are in continual dialogue with ourselves and that we can refine and even direct such dialog via conscious decisions we can make.

The urge to live and to do what we will and to share with others - reflect values but are not what I mean by universal values. I contend that there are four basic values that have operated to create progress over time. Tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry. These are complementary and interactive with non-idolatry, essentially the first commandment, functioning as a brake on our assumptions of infallibility.

In my view conscious thought begins with and is demonstrated by the fact that we choose values.
"We value, therefore we are." History is the sum and aggregate of every human act and is influenced by the choice of values.

There is indeed truth in the notion that we think in threes and that binary thinking is inherently stunted, as it applies to life generally.

I will continue to defend reality, ethics and aesthetics as a root template for conscious thinking.
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