There is no separation between us and reality

In Law of Mind Peirce describes his synechistic philosophy as follows: "first a logical realism of the most pronounced type; second, objective idealism; third, tychism, with its consequent thoroughgoing evolutionism." While I have indeed seen pragmaticism as linked to what I think and do, I have been scrupulous in the obvious rejection of the notion that I am qualified to or have a desire to, represent Peirce as a scholar might seek to do. Precisely because I see us as involved in an evolutionary process I assume that the reality of which we in any conscious sense are a part is bound by a beginning and that it is likely to be bound by an end.  If anything I have said suggests that reality can be separated from that process or that it does not contain it, I reject it. Reality and us is a unity and to say it circumscribes us is to say what within that unity we are an event,  endowed with the capacity to understand ourselves as part and parcel of all that is. Triadic Philosophy is principally a method. It is a means of using memorial maxims to improve one's life. There is plenty in Peirce to suggest the usefulness of such an effort and plenty to discuss regarding the veracity of its underlying premises. But it seems to me that the notion that us and reality are somehow separated within triadic philosophy is simply not the case. 

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