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I continue to see the Web as the tipping point in the struggle to move beyond superstition and ignorance to a values-based secularity that serves all persons fairly and with respect.  


Below I have noted past welcomes that seem still relevant.


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Triadic Philosophy is the culmination of many years of developing a way of thought that integrates all areas of life.

In any case, welcome. Please email me at steverose at gmail if you have any questions. Cheers. S

Twitter remains my focus. I feel very confident that we (active Twitter folk) have had immense influence in tagging Romney as a cop imitator, a vulture capitalist and an inept candidate not ready for prime time. In addition we have influenced the narrative so that now the public knows about the GOP Conspiracy to block Obama from day one. I am keenly aware that other things I care about are getting short shrift. But I am ever more aware that I am not able yet to communicate these things with the ease needed to have the same influence as the political stuff.

 The GOP was from the start violating its Constitutional oath to govern and substituting a vendetta against our President which has proved traitorous. 

We are going to pit ourselves - the people - against the real but beatable challenge posed by fearful billionaire dollars seeking by every criminal method to complete the mission they began the night they betrayed Barack Obama and with him the entire country.


Welcome. Today I switched the dynamic view to Flipcard. I think it may prove more usable than Mosaic. The latest post is the upper left card, but wherever you click you will get a clean full page of the item titled. 

You can then move from post to post.


Welcome. Usability is the biggest game-changer on the Web. That is why programmers are the new lords of creation. I am still discovering uses for Dynamic Views, the name of the template I use for this blog. Here is one tip that may help. If you search any term you type into the above-right-hand box, a most of relevant results will appear on a drop down menu describing four items. At the bottom of the menu there is a link to All Results. 

The President is at least committed to finding a way to a common future. Romney and his cohorts seem only to want to destroy the President. When you add in the prospect that Romney could only win with an overwhelming influx of money from folk who want to pollute and favor the most right wing forces here and abroad, it is not hard to vote Democratic and hope that we still have a semblance of democracy. 

Welcome. I've embarked on the project of fleshing out my ideas of Cyber Community. Among my life goals are the following two - to help to revalue values and establish that values are the willed engines of history and to help stimulate an evolution toward an integral solution to the problem of transiting from a lethal Koch world to a gradually developing sustainable world. Cyber Community is my term for the latter goal. Abba's Way is my term for the former. 

Welcome. The notion that the ideas that are moving the world do not come from the bottom is a fantasy of those on top who have no comprehension of how news works in today's emerging cyber-world. 

Welcome. I think folk are getting the hang of ShortFormContent. It brings together future-oriented thinking about politics, evolutionary design and spirituality as the replacement of religion. 

Welcome. Time has flown. The GOP continues to block any effort to help the economy. The GOP Congress is in the cellar.

Welcome. Anyone who reads me might infer something quite obvious. I do not write like most. Many posts have no punctuation. The short form itself is not so common that it is standard. Before starting this blog a year ago. I wrote for what is now Yahoo Voices - AKA Associated Content. For over a year I wrote in my own way. It did not wash with the Yahoo folk. Recently in summary fashion Yahoo zapped my account and only massive pleading enabled me to get enough access to remove my original intellectual content. There is no reason why the absence of punctuation does not offer a different and perhaps deeper encounter with text. There is certainly a possibility that words may appear in formats closer to those on this blog than in more traditional forms. 

Welcome. More and more convinced that this century is a huge turning point due to end of oil, impossibility of growth economy and the effects of ascending scarcity events. My thinking cap is on. All bets are off. There is much here that assumes such draconian things but it takes a bit of looking. 

Each day is an adventure and generally so absorbing that even pains vanish. No I am not in pain now but it has been one of those winters.

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