Why Does President Obama Frustrate Knee Jerk Critics?

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The President is
a Pragmaticist

The url takes you to Wikipedia, 
to an article that is actually 
salient and quite thorough. 

It explains what I
take to be the President's

I would add only 
that there is an aspect 
of Peirce that 
seems metaphysical. 
It is this 
and his somewhat vague use 
of ethics and aesthetics 
that makes his insistence 
on pragmaticism 
helpful in distinguishing him 
from the garden varieties 
of pragmatists.

Since we are all fallible and incomplete 
we can all build as we will 
and see if the houses fall or no
This is the theme of the texts
at my press above.
Check them out.


The Stupidity of Violence April 22, 2018

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