Nowism can become a comprehensive theory grounded in the simple truth that now is all there ever is

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I  have 
independently realized 
this term 


But I see that 


came upon it a few years back

Credit where credit is due


Nowism — Promoting the power of 
the present moment. http://buff.ly/1mOtkp7

NOWISM http://buff.ly/1no0ojQ

Understanding “Nowism” | Psychology | 
MiNDFOOD http://buff.ly/1mOtWeA
A better known
and more influential 
source of Nowism
is the book The Power of Now
based on
principles that 
suggest a New Age
"spiritual teacher"

Even though this work
has sold in the millions
it does not qualify
as a theory
It does reflect
the current growth
of spiritual consciousness

The Power of Now: 
A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - 
Eckhart Tolle - 
Google Books 

My approach will be to
note that nowism is 
a core element of the philosophy
I have been propounding

Nowism accords with
Charles Sanders Peirce

Salient thought
is never an 
individual achievement
Indeed its capacity
to become a dominant theory
is due to the approbation
of the community

This is so true 
that I no longer copyright anything
If I earn on what I do
it is because people
support it
by obtaining
the materials I create

The reward we all get
living in the now
is well beyond anything
we might earn

We are nomads of the universe
We are aware of its 
foundational truth

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