Manhattan Bully Wars (1947)

Adam Panflick is 
the fictional persona of
the writer Stephen C. Rose. 
Sometimes Adam lives not far from 
the facts of the author's life. 
At other times he ventures
into entirely imagined realms. 
In either case,
one guesses that 
any resemblance to a person
living or dead is 
at least somewhat coincidental.

Manhattan Bully Wars (1947) 
dips rather more closely to memoir 
at points 
but is hardly to be read 
as more than an evocation of 
life in Manhattan in 1947. 

There was indeed bullying then.
Was there anything like 
the "revolution" that
is presented in Bully Wars? 
Sadly not. 
The speech excoriating bullying 
was never made. 
And today
in a new century, 
bullying is still prevalent. 


Move over Holden Caulfield. 
If you want adult conclusions 
from the mouth of a Manhattan kid,

young Adam Panflick is his match. 

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