Peirce on Ethics and Aesthetics


Charles S. Peirce on Esthetics and Ethics
A Bibliography

Kelly A. Parker

"Value theory is the least developed area of Peirce’s philosophy. At the core of  Peircean value theory are the studies of esthetics, ethics and logic that he grouped together under the heading of "normative sciences." What Peirce wrote on esthetics and ethics is indeed fragmentary, but–as the present bibliography indicates–it is not insubstantial.

"Sources were identiļ¬ed with the aim of addressing the following two questions concerning Peirce’s value theory:

"1) When and how did Peirce come to identify esthetics and ethics as normative sciences, and hence as part of philosophy proper?

"2) Which of Peirce’s writings contribute to the development and articulation of his late value theory?" 

Funny thing is that I arrived at my triad Reality Ethics Aesthetics before I had any idea of this. I am sure Triadic Philosophy is a different angle on things than the normative science route. S 

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