Ethics in the future should be values-based

in the future
should be

Triadic Philosophy
substitutes Values
for Aristotle's binary

Aristotle set the stage
for ethics discussion 
But Aristotle bases
his ethics on
character and
virtue rather than will 

Now Western thought
has a "value system" 
based not on will
but on honor 
overarching virtue

Values and will
are one 
Values create history
and culture 
Values transcend
Values transcend
Values are
the desires of the heart

 Jesus understands
all of this 
Aristotle appears
not to

Only the will
is capable of desire

Values are desires 
They are not
They are motivations
Their power is
realized as they
become conscious
and operative

All of us operate
on values 
that represent
what we most honor
what we give
the most credence to
what moves us

Search the terms
value and virtue 
in the text
of Aristotle's "Ethics" 
You will find
virtue and character 
For Aristotle
value is merely
a word 
denoting relative
in relationships

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