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If we into our inner being delve - a poem

If we into our inner being delve,
We find a light that feeds our fondest hopes.
We need no alteration of our minds,
No fixed beliefs or creeds are now decreed;
The knowledge we possess is what we find,
When freely we explore reality.

When I say Abba is within us all,
I mean that we can share what is to be.
I mean the basic truth that Moses saw,
Within the flame, the real reality:
"I am what is and what will be always."
In other words, "I am nobody's slave.
And when you claim me, you part from my ways,
And follow priests who add to what I gave.

I did not favor races, peoples, states,
Or promise I would smite all enemies;
How words upon a page create ill fates,
And rob visions of any power to please!

What level of awareness must there be,
To know a portion of what we possess?
To really know our creativity,
Our reason, will, devotion, consciousness?

Our vision changes as our insight grows,
Our lives are focused on the here and now;
What happens after this life no one knows,
But what we do in this one counts and how!

For Abba is our impulse to do good,
To satisfy our needs and those of all;
There is no SuperGod in a bad mood,
Just waiting to see how we slip and fall.

We celebrate what's real, not fantasy;
To function in this world requires care;
Abba is always here to help us see,
And to make choices that are wise and fair.

We do not preach a separable soul,
We do not know our end nor should we try;
Instead, we seek to know this life as whole,
Embracing it completely, live or die.

Is this a shock to so-called modern minds?
Why not perceive what Abba has achieved?
The trail to liberty and suffrage winds,
Where life-affirmers traveled and believed.

Who lives and serves achieves Abba's best will;
Who lives and thinks achieves Abba's fair aim;
Who lives and loves does Abba's cup refill,
And who forgives knows Abba does the same.
Enlightenment is Abba, period,
Not some historic time that is long gone;
Enlightenment is constant, varied, myriad,
Whenever we turn Abba's wave-length on.

There is a humanism that I hate,
The type that says "this teacher is supreme,
You need not think, you need not even wait,
We'll set you straight. All else is a bad dream."

Such is the hold religion still exerts,
Upon some secular savants I know;
They elevate their theories till it hurts
Their adulation is a sorry show.

An open mind is Abba's best defense,
Against idolatries that seek our souls.
Honesty without show or pretense,
Frees us from all idolatrous controls.
We welcome science when it is science,
Along with discourse and philosophy;
Before all truths we stand in apt silence,
Happy to see whatever we can see.

We are the ones who'll be who we will be,
If that is humanism, we say Yes!
Just as Abba is always, so are we,
And never any creeds need we confess.

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