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Some Thoughts on a Worldwide Wave call to action.

This is the century of Nonviolent Global Democratic Revolution. Actions worldwide in April and beyond will substantiate that the spirit of Gandhi, King and Mandela is alive. I shall be bold in asserting, if anyone asks me, the objectives of this effort. They are what I believe must take place to build a future beyond the present.
1. A global Affordable Income for all. 
2. An immediate 50 percent cut in military budgets worldwide.
3. Immediate steps to magnify exposure to human rights abuses.  Training of millions to use social networks to highlight harm and abuse. And to power the Global Democratic Revolution.
4. Promotion of these universal values - Tolerance, Democracy, Helpfulness and Non-idolatry.
5. Public funding universally of all elections to political office.
There many specific goals equal to these. It cannot be said that those of us who are committed to non-violent democratic revolution are without objectives. In the case of 1. above, this idea is not limited to persons on the Le…