Triadic World is the closest thing we have to a PLAN for a MODEL of a sustainable world.

Triadic World is the closest thing we have to a PLAN for a MODEL of a sustainable world. It is the product of a 50 year evolution of thinking shared by millions around the world.


When you take your reality
and pass it through
the values tolerance,
democracy, helpfulness
and non-idolatry
and then subject
what rises to
Truth and Beauty
Beauty and Truth
you are likely to be
prompted to actions
or expressions that
reflect the vision
of progress of those
who have followed
this philosophy
over time.

The Slow as Molasses Press

To Entitle All

Nationalism is harmful 
when it embraces 
the virulent edge 
of incipient harm to others.

The 20th century laid bare 
the bane of nationalism

Isms are not as prevalent these days
We are wrestling with one world concepts

With ecology

With sustainability

Shall we be frank
With survival
With trying to roll back 
our senses of entitlement
To entitle all

The Slow as Molasses Press

Everything is always better.

From  Some Stones Don't Roll (FicMemOne by Stephen C. Rose) eBook: Stephen C. Rose: Kindle Store http://buff.ly/1gBzxT2

Everything is always better. Palmiers broken in two and the new plastic, top always in place, iced-coffee thingy. I will take it with me on my journey. I have a viaticum in waiting. I have Kenneth Burke on my floor ledge. Now there's a siren, fire no doubt. And buildings collapsed and three dead six miles north and east. Now a hammering upstairs. As if we used stairs anymore. Two plastic containers of supplements I do not use anymore. They stand like sentries between me and the dirty window where a record player also obsolete sits next to cassette holders also empty and yes I know a change in view would be just the thing to change everything to make pigeons more visible to make the window cleanable. The dripping has not stopped.

The Slow as Molasses Press

Maxims are a source of our conduct

C. S. Peirce said [EP2:258] , "Whenever we set out to do anything we ‘go upon’, we base our conduct on facts already known."  He adds that our conduct can only rise from memory when our investigations have been "made and reduced to a memorial maxim.” 

Although I have operated, along with all manner of others, on this premise - our capacity to remember songs is obvious proof of such inner resources - it is heartening to find in Peirce this contention stated this way. 

Peirce seems to be saying that maxims are a source of our conduct. This spins out into the incredible influence of advertising jingles and the like
and the viral phenomena connected with the Internet.
The Slow as Molasses Press

The Word Lies at The Gateway to Our Thinking

I do not think much can be explained regarding what exists before we name things. Our minds are connected to reality which strikes us as Vagueness. As a penumbra. Or as I would say, All Embracingly. Reality. That would be the realm of firstness, it seems. That said, it seems also that we keep things in mind in verbal form so that consideration from "firstness" can be inferred. Yes, words are what advances signs to relationship with our reality.  There is a sense in which "In the beginning is the word". To coin a phrase.

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Thinking Consciously is Most Rewarding

Thinking consciously is a three stage process leading to an act or an expression. Firstness is not so much determined as processed, first by giving whatever comes up (the sign) a term, an identity, a word, etc. and then submitting it to a second which is an index or a challenge or a colander or a filter. Reality meets OUR reality. The result of this collision yields up thought and the result of thought is the third - life as we live it. AKA an act or an expression.  Thus, whatever the first is, or was, survives and is manifested as a result of a process. The more conscious this process is, 
the more obvious and 
rewarding. Or so I surmise.

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