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History is how we choose among values.

Each action is a choice of values
Choose values consciously
That is our way
These are the
pinnacles of
conscious choice
Today choose well
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The Slow as Molasses Press

Could this become your favorite coffee mug?

Do we treat kids worse than dogs?

Merely to ask the question
begs us think
To treat any being
with cruelty
Is taboo
in a world
that aspires to be
a civilization 

The Slow as Molasses Press

Rethinking Reality Part Two

Triadic philosophy sees reality as all pervasive and all embracing. It can be no other. If all thinking is in signs and all that is can become a sign, can there be anything that is not a sign? Triadic philosophy sees the spectrum as the best means of  evaluating (valuing) the elements of reality that we perceive and consider. A spectrum is the projection of a hierarchy that denotes values. The heights are reserved for terms we associate with good, with the positive, with life. The depths for terms that denote harm, evil, death. The spectrum is a utility within the mind that enables and facilitates discrimination.  The terms which we value at the high end could be called ontological, meaning that they are universal. Why so? Because they enhance the being, the fulfillment, the realization of every person on earth. Now to be a realist and not a nominalist is to believe that these terms are not merely what we put up there on a spectrum of our own making, but that they represent realities …

In my defense

I have been characterized as incoherent, a mess, nonsense, unethical and a scoundrel in response to Rethinking Reality. In my defense: I have been writing on the Web from the beginning, first as the moderator of a successful forum on Ecunet, then on various blogs. When I wrote daily for UN agencies and for newspapers and magazines, and as editor of the lead magazine CHOICES for UNDP, no one applied these terms to me. Since I do not believe that characterization is far removed from casting spells, and since I feel no animosity toward the author of this one, I will merely say that I have considerable faith that I am on to something, not something that is Peircean, but something I have fairly suggested is related to his thought. It (Triadic Philosophy) is influenced by Peirce, to borrow from Harold Bloom. If the moderator of the Peirce list agrees that I should not continue this, I am happy not to. But I will defend my right to write as I do. And I will stand by what I have written, rese…

Rethinking Reality Part One

The use of the term reality in philosophy to denote universals makes it logically impossible to state,  as Triadic Philosophy emphatically does, that everything  is real, that reality is everything known and unknown, and that Reality is a logical first in the triad Reality Ethics and Aesthetics. When I first encountered this problem, I quite easily grouped universals under the category of things that are ontological, that have universality, that participate in being itself. Related terms. beyond universal, would be reason, will, love etc. One reason for conceiving things thus may have been due to a misunderstanding of Peirce. It seemed clear to me that the vague beginnings of thought that Peirce called signs, the source of all thought I was given to understand, were "real". I had no trouble accepting that, given my own  presupposition. But it seemed to me that to distinguish such "reals" from everything else was creating a confusion  that need not be. So I held and…