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Nowism can become a comprehensive theory grounded in the simple truth that now is all there ever is

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I  have  independently realized  this term 
But I see that 
came upon it a few years back
Credit where credit is due
Nowism — Promoting the power of  the present moment.
Understanding “Nowism” | Psychology |  MiNDFOOD better knownand more influential source of Nowismis the book The Power of Nowbased onprinciples that suggest a New Age"spiritual teacher"ethos
Even though this workhas sold in the millionsit does not qualifyas a theoryIt does reflectthe current growthof spiritual consciousness
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - Eckhart Tolle - Google Books My approach will be to note that nowism is a core element of the philosophy I have been propounding forever

Nowism accords with Charles Sanders Peirce
Salient thought is never an  individual achievement Indeed its capacity to become a dominant theory i…

Explaining Windows on The Bible

Windows on The Bible - a concise, readable introduction  to the Bible. Its language is that of Christian orthodoxy.  An authentic way to understand the Biblical message  that does not end up as fundamentalism.  For the general  reader. Find it at
The Slow as Molasses Press