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A Reflection on Firsts

The Slow as Molasses Press
To the extent that  I understand Firsts  as originating in feelings  (derived  I infer  from some effort to  sense what is  "coming up"  in one's consciousness,  having willed to  seek to  plumb it,  it seems to me  that a First  begins with  that feeling  and that it is  then named  with one or more terms.  For example,  Loose Ends or  Unfinished Business. Naming  (using words to  describe signs  or feelings)  is our  editing of  reality.  We determine  what a first is  by such a process of  feeling and  naming.  I am referring to  the actual experience  I have  when I engage in  intentional,  conscious thinking.  I wonder  if this is others'  "experience of a first". 
To continue  the exercise  I have mentioned,  the "experience"  might more generally be  called "the past"  or "what is not now".  It is exactly  what I went through  yesterday  on returning home  from a weekend filled  with things th…