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Say NO to evil. On Twitter. On other networks.

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We are finally at the point where what we do will literally spell the difference between life and death for the planet. Make no mistake. There is evil in the world because there is conscious harm being done. Some harm is due to corporate and governmental actions that result in everything from the denial of rights to starvation, sickness and death. There is evil in the world because idolatrous individuals believe that they can resurrect imagined pasts or achieve utopian dreams by acts of terror and murder. There is evil in the world because of susceptibility to the propaganda  of those who dwell on hate, fear and violence. And the time has come to counter it in a new way that is only possible because cyberspace makes it so. Consider the clear call of Triadic Philosophy. The truth will set us free. The truth is that the voices of billions have…

Rules are effects that replicate

Rules are effects that replicate Growth takes a long time There were little bangs before the big one

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The Slow as Molasses Press

The people’s faith was lost as well - From "The New Tao Te-Ching""

Chapter 17 In oldest times the rulers were unknown.
The next age rulers were were both loved and praised.
The next age they were feared and then despised.
And then the rulers lost faith in the Tao.
Which meant the people’s faith was lost as well. The earliest appeared irresolute
but reticence concealed great gravity.
Their work achieved complete success
and people said, We’re as we are, ourselves. From The New Tao Te-Ching Books: Art: Gifts:

The Slow as Molasses Press

Absolute chance is a factor of the universe.- Charles Sanders Peirce

A salient quote from my favorite philosopher.
201. Let me here say one word about Tychism, or the doctrine that absolute chance is a factor of the universe. There is one class of objectors to it who are so impressed with what they have read in popular books about the triumphs of science that they really imagine that science has proved that the universe is regulated by law down to every detail. Such men are theologians, perhaps, or perhaps they have been brought up in surroundings where everything was so minutely regulated that they have come to believe that every tendency that exists at all in Nature must be carried to its furthest limit. Or, there is I know not what other explanation of their state of mind; but I do know one thing: they cannot be real students of physical science -- they cannot be chemists, for example. They are wrong in their logic. But there is another class of objectors for whom I have more respect. They are shocked at the atheism of Lucretius and his great master.…

If we into our inner being delve - a poem

If we into our inner being delve,
We find a light that feeds our fondest hopes.
We need no alteration of our minds,
No fixed beliefs or creeds are now decreed;
The knowledge we possess is what we find,
When freely we explore reality.

When I say Abba is within us all,
I mean that we can share what is to be.
I mean the basic truth that Moses saw,
Within the flame, the real reality:
"I am what is and what will be always."
In other words, "I am nobody's slave.
And when you claim me, you part from my ways,
And follow priests who add to what I gave.

I did not favor races, peoples, states,
Or promise I would smite all enemies;
How words upon a page create ill fates,
And rob visions of any power to please!
What level of awareness must there be,
To know a portion of what we possess?
To really know our creativity,
Our reason, will, devotion, consciousness?

Our vision changes as our insight grows,
Our lives are focused on the here and now;